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Welcome to the World of SIGMA

SCG is a leading global company in the development of Transport and Heavy Duty HVAC Systems for the Rail, Bus, Mining, Industrial and the demanding Defence markets.ChinaAmericaAustraliaAustralia

The World of SCG truly covers the Globe across several ChinaUSAUKmarket groups. The products are produced with over 30 years of broad experience in the air conditioning markets.

SCG provides a "whole of life" outlook for its products and provides tailored system solutions that deliver true value to our customers. Contact UsUSANSWUK

SCG is a Quality Assured company to ISO9001 at all its operations and has extensive Research and Development  facilities to ensure SCG's equipment delivers maximum performance, value and reliability with minimum overall life cycle cost to our customers.

SCG designs, manufactures, supplies and supports through "whole of life" for the following product brands:

The SIGMA Rail Products have for over 30 years been providing customised solutions for railway vehicles applications around the world. The Sigma Rail experience extends from the United Kingdom, through Europe, Asia, Australia and the North American continents. The product range covers both light and heavy rail passenger transit, high speed intercity as well as locomotive freight HVAC. Sigma Rail provides total solutions that are both reliable and environmentally friendly for the harsh rail vehicle environment.

The CoachAir Brand represents HVAC Systems for the Bus and Coach market. The products are generally roof mounted and provide quiet reliable operation across rigid vehicles from 7 to 14 m in length and articulated vehicles up to 18m. The product boasts the only true long life brushless motor combination and offers alternative configurations to suit specific customer needs.

SIGMA Mining and Industrial products are world renowned for the ability to meet the most arduous operating environments (Dust, Vibration, Extreme Temperature) while delivering quiet and reliable performance. These products are ideally suited to applications where machine downtime is expensive (productivity loss) and the process demands the highest reliability, at the same time maintaining optimum working conditions for the operators to achieve maximum productivity rates.



Service and Maintenance. SCG offers and can provide a full range of aftermarket services and parts for installation, commissioning, maintenance and contract servicing to support all systems through their "Whole of Life".

SCG provides customised equipment, installation and complete after market service that can deliver system solutions for your high temperature, high vibration, and high capacity HVAC application.