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SCG recognises the need for full life cycle support of our products. With the assistance of detailed operation manuals and comprehensive SCG's parts listings, experienced Sigma Coachair Customer Service personnel provide personalised service and support to SCG clientele. Service Centre personnel are qualified and experienced in the service and maintenance requirements of SCG and other manufacturer's equipment to provide qualified attention to all preventative maintenance and break down requirements. All service personnel, including engineers, are qualified and accredited in the safe handling and use of chlorofluorocarbons. Each SIGMA service technicians and field engineer is licensed. The service centres also have a dedicated, fully equipped workshop devoted to major unit overhaul and contractual rework as well as any relatively small component modification involving workshop facilities. Service personnel have extensive experience in small to large scale rework/overhaul programmes, which include compressor and heat exchanger reconditioning, motor overhaul, piping and electrical wiring.

Facilities also encompass a stores section assigned for break down and common spare parts. This is supported by SIGMA's manufacturing and main stores departments, which are utilised where necessary to provide fast, efficient service. All stores are linked through computer terminals located with the division, allowing for enquiries to be answered immediately. SCG's Customer Support Group recognises the need for total product support and all service and spare parts facilities are geared to provide this support. Close co-operation with equipment suppliers and end users is of paramount importance; such that all equipment-running requirements are strictly complied with at all times.